Monday, November 26, 2012

Closet or time capsule

Today,  I tackled cleaning my room.  This is my last week off before starting a new job so I want to get this house into shape if it kills me.  I haven't really done much with my room in about two years.  It is always the catch all.  I'm really not sure how I got all that stuff in my little closet!  I had a lot of fun when I found my kids art boxes from when they were in second or third grades.  I kept everything.  I had to stop and promise myself I would go through it all on a rainy Saturday.  I found the box that had all their baby items from when they were infants.  I had forgotten most of what was inside so it was like finding a time capsule.  I wish I had labeled some of the stuff so I knew who's some items were. I found a bag of camo clothes I've been saving for Justin since before I was married.  I just knew one day my son would love to have these clothes.  I was right. To bad he's still to small for most of them but two shirts will fit.  I found the big box speaker buried way in the back that was in my old ford truck.  The speakers were dry rotted and ruined but the box is good.  I couldn't bring myself to throw this away.  Justin might have an old truck and who knows,  maybe it will need speakers.  I wish I had more things that I could give Megan.  I do have an old doll that was her mothers.  I guess she forgot it was here.  I've kept it so I could give it to Megan when she gets a little older.  It's nothing special or fancy but maybe it will mean something.  I found a journal I kept the summer and winter of 1988.  That was an interesting read.  Lots of swimming and fishing and bike riding.  There was no mention of texting or video games.  What a different world.  Maybe I'll let my kids read that one.  I wish I could convey to my kids the significance of a technology free childhood.  I just get blank stares when I try to explain how amazing there world is.  I found wedding stuff that I would rather have not gone through.  I thought I had purged most of that years ago.  It didn't hurt it just felt wrong in some way.  I found a hat I received from a factory during training seminar some years ago that I saved to give to my Grandfather.  I never did.  I kept the hat.  Maybe I'm too sentimental about all this stuff and that's why the closet was packed?  In the end all I really did was repackaged and condensed a lot of stuff, but it sure looks better.  The little space I have left I decided to make into my prayer closet.  I never understood what was meant by prayer closet but there is something important about getting alone with God.  So that's two rooms and a hallway done this week and Wednesday I'm on to the kitchen and living room.  I expect this little room will have been the most fun though. 

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